A Elopement on the Bay of Fundy

March 26, 2020

A Nova Scotia Elopement on the Bay of Fundy

What is better than a beautiful and intimate Nova Scotia Elopement? I still remember the day that Laura and Nick reached out about the possibility of eloping in Nova Scotia. Laura and Nick met in Montreal. It was a classic love story they said, as she stopped in for a sandwich after a Montreal Canadians hockey game at a restaurant where Nick was working. He talked to her because of her Carey Price jersey, and the rest is history.

Laura, being from Maryland, USA said that she had always loved Nova Scotia as it reminds her of home. That’s one of the many reasons they thought Nova Scotia would be the perfect place to elope.

Both Laura and Nick love the ocean & seafood, so of course Nova Scotia was the perfect place to have an intimate and meaningful elopement to make things official. We loved the fact that they gave us a lot of say when it came to the location. The only thing Laura really knew was that she wanted get ready at the cutest little B&B, The Queen Anne Inn in Annapolis Royal. Now, anyone who knows Chris & I, know how much we LOVE the Valley, so we were so excited to find a beautiful, unique, secluded place for them to tie the knot on the Bay of Fundy. 

We spent a few weekends while we were in the area, exploring the area and finding the perfect spot. The best thing about being a wedding and elopement photographer in Halifax and Nova Scotia is that we get to capture people promising to forever to their person in the most gorgeous locations.

If you are looking to elope in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada (Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland) or ANYWHERE, really! Contact us now to start planning your perfect day.

We Hope you enjoy Laura and Nicks elopement, it was such a beautiful and perfect day:


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