A Stormy Sunset Beach Elopement in Nova Scotia

January 19, 2021

Katie & Rons Stormy Beach elopement in Nova Scotia was one for the books! 2020, in general was the year for tiny weddings and elopements, and we are lucky enough to be wedding photographers in Nova Scotia and to be able to capture all of the beauty (and love) our province has to offer. Katie and Ron live in Ottawa, and had planned a bigger wedding and celebration at home but decided that they just wanted to get married instead of putting it off over and over again due to the pandemic & COVID-19. Since they are both originally from Malagash, Nova Scotia they really wanted to do something special and get married there. Since they both had the ability to work from home and Katies family had a cottage in Malagash where they could quarantine, they packed up their truck and hit the road to Nova Scotia. The first two weeks were spent in the cottage and on the property. They got by with the case of wine that they had delivered from the Jost Vineyard up the street until they were finally allowed out of the house to explore.

The night of the wedding, the two of them invited Katies great aunt and uncle over to play some cards and when they arrived they greeted them in their wedding attire. Its safe to say that they were SO EXCITED! We then drove to the beach, had the ceremony, popped some champagne and chatted about life. Katie and Ron had their first dance with a storm brewing across the water giving us the most spectacular moody sky in the background. Of course we couldn’t leave before we played in the water a little bit and watched the sun go down.

Katie and Ron made their amazing day all about them, they even put a special touch on their hand tying ceremony by using a tartan they designed together, to represent their unity in marriage. Each colour symbolized something different. Blue for the ocean waves, green for the rolling fields, red for the sand and yellow for Katies hair (HOW CUTE, RON!)

If you’re reading this, and you’re getting married soon, we hope that this is your sign. Your sign to get married, for you. No matter the circumstances, make sure you do what makes you and your partner happy. You don’t have to make anyone happy but yourselves, so if you want to put your own spin on things we encourage you to do so!
If you are getting married in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Maritimes, or anywhere in Canada and are looking for a wedding or elopement photographer, REACH OUT! We would love to chat with you all about your big day.

Xo, Amber (& Chris)

JOP/Planner: East Coast Pop Up Weddings
Champagne: Benjamin Bridge
Tartan Scarf:
Makeup: Meghan Lawlor