First Home Session

November 27, 2019

A First Home Session

When Jenna and Jeff bought their first home, they knew that they wanted their engagement session to be there. It’s a pretty big deal, buying your first home. The place you make your own, raise your family and create so many memories. It was such a fun session, They had just barely moved in, they had a little picnic on the dining room floor, and painted their bedroom. I still remember the words Jenna said when we delivered their session, “We love them so much! These are going to be the images we show our kids when we have them”. And not too much longer they found out they were pregnant!

These are going to be the images we show our kids

Think a in-home session would be good for you and your partner? We absolutely love them! It’s such an intimate and special space, a place you call home. You can document your life, in the spots you spend the most time together. Play your favourite games. Bake your favourite cookies. Dance in your kitchen. Love on your fur babies. A safe space where you can be YOU.

We hope you enjoy this adorable in-home session, it was such special time for these two to celebrate.


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