The Importance of Engagement Photos

April 11, 2018

So you’re getting married? First of all, YAY! If you are on the hunt for a wedding photographer, we are sure that you must have considered engagement photos by now. Most photographers offer them – and a lot of them include them in their wedding packages for a good reason! Personally, we think that engagement photos are SO important and that’s why we include them in most of our packages! Sometimes it may not seem like engagement photos are important or a big deal, but we will go over the importance of engagement photos, and a few reasons why we do include them and why we think you should seriously consider doing them.                                             


You get to know your Photographer better

Engagement photos are a perfect time for you and your photographer to get to know each other a little bit better – having a great relationship with your photographer is important because not only will they be spending your entire wedding day with you – they will also be in contact with you for weeks before AND after the fact.

It gives them the opportunity to learn how you and your partner interact with each other as a couple in a more relaxed and stress-free environment than your wedding day. This is important because not all couples are the same, while some are super lovey dovey and aren’t afraid to show their PDA to the world, others are much more conservative and less comfortable with that kind of thing.

If your Photographer has the opportunity to capture your unique love BEFORE the wedding day, they will already know exactly how you work together as a couple and there will be way less trial and error when it comes to posing and directing you for portraits when the time arrives. Another great thing about getting engagement photos done is that it gives you the opportunity to give your photographer feedback. Looking at your engagement photos you might realize that you prefer certain poses or angles allowing you to tell your photographer before the wedding!

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Practice, Practice, Practice!

 This is a big one when it comes to the importance of engagement photos! PRACTICE! Are you camera shy? Awkward in front of the camera? Yeah, us too… BUT when you get your engagement photos done, it gives you an idea of what to expect on your wedding day. It’s good to get all of the nervousness out of the way ahead of time so that you don’t have to add one extra stress to the wedding day, plus it will make the photos the day of way easier and more efficient because by that time you’ll be a pro in front of the camera! Another added bonus is that you can schedule to have your trial run of hair and makeup done for the engagement photos that way you will have an idea of what you do and don’t like and will be able to see how it photographs.

You get nice photos to use pre wedding

Not only will you and your partner receive nice photos of yourselves, you can also use them on invitations, save the dates, on wedding websites or anything related planning your wedding. Some people will also print their photos and use them as part of a decoration on their wedding day. We always encourage to print off your photos and hang at least one up in your house somewhere. It’s so easy for digital files to get lost in a database somewhere never to be seen again (well thats a little dramatic, but unless you go digging for them you won’t see them everyday) we have several photos from our engagement session and our wedding around the house, its a nice reminder of all the different milestones we have been through as a couple.

It gives you and your partner a chance to reconnect

You are only engaged for a short period of time. This is a great opportunity to capture who you are as a couple during this stage of your lives together. The beauty of engagement sessions is they’re totally up to you! Wear anything you want, shoot anywhere you want – we’re just along for the ride.

This is an opportunity for us to have lots of fun! We will adventure to the perfect location that describes you and your love and the relationship you have together! Want to go on a hike and be surrounded by nature? We’re down! Want to go to the beach and watch the sun set? Lets do it! Prefer to stay in? Let’s cuddle up with a drink of your choice at home with an in-home session! Want to go cliff jumping? UMM YES! Love amusement parks? Lets go for a ride! Want to go to the location of your first date? Perfect! Lets do it!

Our goal is for your photos to show off your personalities and who you are both individually and as a couple. It’s also a great time to bring along your four legged furry friends if they will be unable to make it into the wedding.

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Think that you and your partner are ready for engagement photos? We’d love to talk and hear more about your love story!

Now that we covered the importance of engagement photos and are considering getting them done, you might like this post on what to wear for your engagement session!