A Salt Marsh Trail Couples Session

April 16, 2019

A Salt Marsh Trail Couples Session

When winter hits in Halifax, it seems like most people go into hibernation mode (can’t say we blame them), and outdoor activities are few and far between. The weekend of this shoot happened to be such a beautiful one and we felt like we just had to get out for a snowy Salt Marsh Trail couples session. As much as we hate winter sometimes, snowy photo shoots can be SO. FREAKIN’. CUTE! It turned out to be SUPER chilly and cloudy on the Salt Marsh Trail this evening, but Kelly and Jonathan were troopers and absolutely killed their session. They have been married now for just over 4 years and they are still so in love, so adorable and just made our heart melt the entire time we were with them.

Kelly said that they rarely get photos together. Between work, school and raising a little family, it can be so hard to even get alone time. They really appreciated getting to have some time alone as a couple and we were SO happy to be able to take these images for them.  

A lot of couples think that they only need to get photos together when they are engaged and then when they get married, but we think it’s awesome to do them more often than that (and we’re not just saying that because we are photographers).  Photos are such a great way to document your current seasons of life, to help spark your love for one another and to get out of your comfort zone (which is always a good thing). Plus, let’s be real… taking selfies can be hard work!

If you are thinking of getting an anniversary session or a just because session we highly recommend it! It’s a great idea to add onto a date day, you can get dinner after and love on each other a little more!


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