Sunrise Session at Point Pleasant Park

April 19, 2019

Taylor and Schneider’s winter engagement session ended up being absolutely perfect. Scheduling sessions in the winter is always a little risky because there is always a pretty good chance of a snow storm or someone getting sick but when they do happen they can be so magical. Every season has something beautiful to offer and winter definitely didn’t disappoint for this session. Point Pleasant Park is such a gem in the middle of the city of Halifax. It has a lot to offer such as wooded paths, little beaches and historic structures that date back to 1796 which is really cool to see! Needless to say, Point Pleasant offers a lot of variety and is easily accessible, especially on wedding days when you have a venue close to the Downtown core of Halifax.

This was our very first sunrise session. I (Amber) will be completely and totally honest, I am NOT a morning person but for some reason this engagement session got scheduled first thing in the morning (Definitely not mad about it, either). To say I was nervous I wouldn’t get up in time would be an understatement, BUT GUESS WHAT! I DID IT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE (minus anytime we’ve needed to get up for a flight or to go on a road trip) AND I WAS SO PROUD OF MYSELF! Getting up before sunrise for a session was life changing. It felt SO good! And it was so cool shooting with the sun coming up rather than the sun going down for once. It was super cool, refreshing and so backwards from what we are use to. I would have to say that sunrise sessions just might be my new favorite thing!

Want to get a little crazy and watch the sunrise? Maybe you should consider it for your next session!