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We are big believers that prints matter and that your photos and memories should not just live on a screen. Prints allow you to physically hold your photos and pass them down from generation to generation for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to hold close to their hearts. Think about how much you cherish your family heirlooms, those few photos you have of those who are no longer here with you.

Prints do not need software updates or require subscriptions, they do not crash, corrupt or become obsolete. Prints truly do stand the test of time. Prints Matter.

Prints Matter




There is something so magical about seeing a photo printed for you to hold in your hands, hang on your wall and to gift to the ones you know will treasure them the most.

The Fine Art Album

The Fine Art Album is simply stunning. Featuring seamless, panoramic prints, printed with the best inks and on the finest papers. The prints are mounted to a thin page core, ensuring museum grade printing and quality pages that will not wrinkle or warp.

Your choice of linen or eco-leather cover material and text imprinting is included. Upgraded options are also available. This custom album is of the highest quality and will make your photographs and memories come to life.

Available in two sizes. 8x10 inches and 10x10 inches.

Albums start at 20 pages and can include up to 70 pages.

Pricing Details and Size Options:

10 x 10 Fine Art Album

20 pages - $925

30 pages - $1195

40 pages - $1455

8 x 10 Fine Art Album

20 pages - $775

30 pages - $1015

40 pages - $1255

*upgrades extra

The Unbound Album

The Unbound Album is a unique way to store and show off your favourite photographs. It is a high quality leather wrap handmade in Toronto, Ontario. It holds 50 or 100 5x7 prints available in your choice of black, white and honey (pictured).

Pricing Details and Options:

The Unbound Album can be added to any collection with 50 5x7 prints for $399.

Add an additional 50 5x7 prints for $160.

The Memory Box

The Memory Box is a beautifully handcrafted box that provides you with a unique way to store and show off your favourite photographs. It holds 50 or 100 4x6 prints. Custom engraving with you and your partners names and a wedding date allows you to personalize it to your taste.

Pricing Details and Options:

A Memory Box can be added to any collection with 50 4x6 Prints for $399

Add 50 4x6 prints for $140

add crystal Usb for $50

The Album Design Process

You now have your own beautiful family heirloom to cherish

Production begins and we wait for the final product

Review and design approval

You pick your favourite photos and we'll create the first draft

Your album is now yours to enjoy. Care instructions will be provided to ensure your album lasts for generations to come.

Since the albums are hand made, it does typically take about one month for them to be ready to be shipped. The lab will then ship it to us so we can check it over to ensure it meets our standards.

After the first draft is designed, you will be given two opportunities to review the design and let us know of any requested changes. Once the design is approved we will send the design to the lab.

We will ask you to choose your favourite images in a timely manner and will design your album based on your choices, telling the story of your wedding day beautifully.


Because prints are so important, choosing a lab to print them at is equally as important, too. When printing your memories, you want to ensure you choose a lab that will work well with your photographers images, and the best way to do that is to order straight from your photographer.

We take printing your family heirlooms seriously and that is why we have hand picked the best lab in Canada to print all of our work. By doing so, we are able to ensure your images are printed accurately and beautifully, providing you with museum quality prints what won't fade, warp or fall apart.

We want to make this process easy for you, below you can see some of the products offered straight from your online gallery:

Looking to preserve your memories

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