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March 30, 2019

Get to know us, 15 Fun Facts about Us.


Picking a wedding photographer is HARD work and frankly it’s just as important as picking a bridesmaid or groomsman. You really want to make sure you vibe with who you choose. You want to connect with them on a personal level and feel comfortable spending a huge chunk of your wedding day with them. We’re not just there to take your photos we’re there for emotional support, to keep you focused on the important stuff, to keep you calm when something doesn’t go as planned. We’ll cry with you, we’ll dance with you, we’ll party with you. We’re there for YOU, and thats why its so important that you feel like you can connect with us. We wrote this post so you can get to know us just a little bit better before your big day, we ask you so many questions about you and your Boo to get to know you better, but it’s just as important that you get to know us too!


  1. Chris is from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia but when he was about 8 years old he moved to Texas with his mom and the older of his two sisters. He stayed there for about 10 years but always knew that he wanted to move back to Canada. Super glad he did, because if he hadn’t we would have never met! When he moved back to Canada he lived back in Yarmouth for a short time and then moved to the city, where we now live in Dartmouth.
  2. He Teaches Karate. Chris has always been a lover of martial arts and when he moved to Halifax one of his main goals was to find a Dojo in a style that he really enjoys. While in Texas he practiced Kenpo and thankfully he was able to find one here locally in the same style. He now teaches Kenpo to quite a few people on a weekly basis, which is something he thought he would never have the courage to do.
  3. He is a Kitty Whisper. If you’re not a cat person, you likely think that cats are a*s holes and that they hate everyone. While this is not actually the case for all cats there are some that hate to be social but Chris can usually become friends with it.
  4. He’s an awesome cook. This guy can dish up a killer dish even when there’s nothing in the house. Not sure how he does it but I eternally grateful because if it wasn’t for him I would likely live off of snacks 24/7.   
  5. He loves to read. Some people are surprised when I tell them Chris LOVES to read. I dont think its THAT hard to believe haha! There has been times where I have dropped him off at the bookstore and he would stay for hours. Not even joking, I think I left him there for 6 hours one day. Now we live close to a book store so he goes every chance he gets. It’s his happy place.


  1. She was born and raised in Nova Scotia. While she loves the desert and the mountains, it’s hard to imagine being away from the ocean. The smell of the salt water that just hits you when you get off the airplane, or when you are driving home from Toronto or Montreal is the best smell in the entire world. There is something so special about this place.
  2. She has a business background. She went to university and studied accounting and marketing. While it’s not directly related to photography it really does make our lives a lot easier when it comes to running this little biz of ours.
  3. She wants so badly to be a plant mom but seems to kill even the plants they say are unkillable. if someone wants to give her some plant advice she would love you forever.
  4. Since Chris is the cook in the household, let’s note that Amber is quite possibly the worst cook in the world. When Chris isn’t around she basically survives on pickles, cheese and any other easy snack item she can find in the cupboard or fridge.
  5. She is the one who always makes things happen in the relationship. The only reason they ever get to go on trips or save for the big things that they want to accomplish in life. All the things Chris thought would never be possible, are with Amber in the picture.

The Two of Us

  1. Every Sunday we wake up and go out on a coffee date with each other. It’s a nice chance to get out, sit down with each other, chat and just have a good time together. We typically only go once a week but all the Baristas at our local Starbucks know our order: Two grande coffees, two doppio espressos and a glass of ice water.
  2. We have two really adorable Cats (OK maybe we’re biased). Chris is very much a cat person and Amber was very anti cat until we got our baby doll Ash. She’s the worlds sweetest thing and has the ability to turn anyone into a cat person. Plus they are just soooooo fluffy and cute!
  3. We love to travel. Whether its locally in Canada or hopping on a plane, we love to explore! We have a huge bucket list of places we want to go but some of our favourites are Montreal & Las Vegas, Vegas being where we got married so it will always hold a special place in our hearts, Plus the desert is just so cool.
  4. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE food. Eating GOOD food is our favorite thing to do. Give us ALLL the food recommendations so we can stuff our faces please haha! Seriously, we will drive for a few hours just for our favorite dishes.
  5. Chris always says that Amber opened up his life. Not sure how “True” it is but she’s definitely the reason he now owns a pair of sweatpants, knows (and loves) what a donair plate is, the fact that you can get a bag of assorted candies at the Bulk Barn as long as they are the same price and frankly just keeps his life more organized than he ever could.

Well, there you have it! A few fun facts about us so you can get to know us a little better!

Contact us if you think we might be the right fit for you! We’d absolutely love to chat more and connect with you on a personal level.


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