What to wear for your engagement session

March 20, 2020

We totally get that picking out an outfit to wear for your engagement session can feel like a daunting task, but it really doesn’t have to! Oftentimes, picking something to wear out of your closet that you absolutely love is your best bet, but there are lots of things to consider. We compiled a list of tips and tricks to consider when picking out your outfits for your session to help you make the best decision on what will photograph best! 🙂 

Having a few options – especially when you have more than one location we are using is a nice touch as it gives you a bit of variety. You want to make sure that what you pick compliments the environment and doesn’t cause too many distractions. You want the main focus to be you and your boo, right?

Does it fit the vibe?:
Always take into consideration the time of year, the location, etc. Going barefoot at the beach looks more natural than wearing shoes, wearing heels while hiking is not safe nor would it look like it fits in and we don’t want you to roll your ankles. If it’s winter you’ll want enough layers to keep warm, but if it’s the summer you won’t want so many clothes on that you are dying of heat. 

Colours can really make or break your photos! We always suggest neutral & earth toned colours. You want you and your partner to be the main subject and you don’t want your bright red or hot pink sweater being the focus, do you? We didn’t think so! Speaking of hot pink & bright red – colours like that tend to reflect on to skin causing it to turn bright pink, just something to think about! 

Examples of neutral + earth toned colours: White, black, blush, grey, olive, navy, tan, mustard, etc. 

We love small + subtle patterns as they are not too bold and out there and won’t cause too many distractions. You have to be a little careful when picking out patterns as you don’t want to pair too many patterns together and you want them to be complementary to each other and to the environment. Fun patterns to consider would be: subtle florals, plaid and stripes. 

We absolutely love incorporating movement into our images – it really adds an extra magic element to your photos. Clothes that can be caught in the wind such as long flowy dresses can really add that extra touch to your photos. Wind is not the only way we add movement to our photos though – ensuring you have clothes that you feel comfortable moving around in, is a HUGE. It is essential that you can move around naturally. It would not be unusual for us to ask you to sit, run, and move around in lots of different ways to create those magical vibes that give you the natural look that everyone loves in our work. 

In-home sessions:
Everything applies for in-home sessions, but showing a little extra skin typically looks better. It’s pretty likely that when you are at home you might not even have pants on – so during your session you want to look comfortable and at home. Tank tops, shorts, comfy sweaters/sweatshirts, off the shoulder tops, jeans
, (or whatever you feel comfy + cozy in) are perfect for your in-home session. Like anything else – comfort, feeling like yourself and at home is the perfect recipe for beautiful in-home photos. 

Accessories + props:
accessories such as hats and jewelry can really add some variety to your photos and make your personality shine through – if you want a few photos with your hats, sunglasses, etc. be sure to let us know!

Props are another good way to be able to show who you are as a couple. Some really cool props could be your favorite food or drinks, your motorcycle or bicycles, a truck or car, your campervan, a blanket, a campfire, your guitar, surfboard, pool floaties… the options are ENDLESS. And, although your pets are NOT an accessory or prop LOL – they do make for some really cute photos so feel free to bring them along as well!

Hair + Make up
Some of our clients decide to get their hair and makeup done for their shoot, and others don’t. There is no right or wrong answer for this, the most important part is that you feel comfortable and like yourself. On one hand, getting your makeup done for your engagement session is the perfect opportunity to take it out for a test drive – to see how it photographs and what you do or don’t like about it, but it’s definitely not necessary. Some people feel 100x better when they are all glammed up, but others feel much better when they look and feel natural and like themselves. Our suggestion is to do whatever makes you feel best! If you do decide to get your hair or makeup done just make sure you have it scheduled far enough in advance that you won’t be late for your session! We plan session times very strategically with the time that the sun sets so if you are late it will really cut into your session time, and we don’t want that!

It’s also very important to note: SPRAY TANS (lol, we know it feels nice to be tanned), but keep in mind that they can look very orange and blotchy in photos – investing in a very natural and airbrushed spray tan prior to your session or wedding will make a huge difference! SO, if you are the kind of person who wants/needs a spray tan to feel good – pleaseeeeeee keep this in mind! 

To end it off, the main question to ask yourself is: Does it feel like you? It’s not always best to go buy a new outfit and later realize that you hate it, that it was uncomfortable or that it didn’t feel like you. You want your outfit to represent who you are as  a person right now and oftentimes, it’s as easy as picking out your favourite pieces from your closet that you already own!

REMEMBER: These are only guidelines and rules are meant to be broken. If you have something that doesn’t fit this criteria, but really screams YOU, it should definitely be an option on what to wear for your session!

Still have no idea what to wear for your engagement session or session? Don’t hesitate to reach out for some assistance or check out our Pinterest Boards, we want to make sure you have the best photos ever!